Subway surfers in London

Publicado en 1 Octubre 2015

Subway surfers in London

Subway surfers in London

It is a new game that is part of the series of games Subway Surfers you can find various games and fun, and best of all are free. The game Subway Surfers London is a puzzle which is composed of 24 pieces, you have to correctly place all the pieces, so that the image is displayed correctly. I hope you like the picture we have chosen especially for you, to make it more fun to have to put all the pieces in a short time.

In this new game you have to take the best care because Subway Surfers have several wounds in the hand and is in the hospital and you'll be the doctor and you will heal all wounds and disinfect for wounds to heal quickly and so you can leave Fastest hospital and only thanks to you and your best care. Good luck vote if you like this game or if you want you can invite your friends to play this game just like you .Mucha luck.

Subway surfers in Sao Paulo
Is a new game Subway Surfers Sao Paulo hack apk that the action of this game is playing in Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo game Subway Surfers is a puzzle where your mission is to correctly place all loose parts until the image.

It 'a runner infinit0 that challenges the train tracks chosen our game this week! In Subway Surfers, you'll be an artist named Jake Graffiti , which with vandalism sfreggia artistically a train. Soon, a policeman and his dog chase it, and Jake has to make a daring escape on the train tracks! The gameplay is similar to Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride .

The graphics are very shiny and both the iPhone and iPad.

When Kake began to flee, they encounter obstacles, while collecting coins and power-ups. The coins can be used to buy other power-ups and upgrades - like magnets, inflatable boots, hoverboard - or four other characters. The great thing is the purchase of new characters is that each character has something unique, making the game a little 'different. So there is definitely a reason to have different characters, unlike other games, where are all the same.

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